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Get more from PowerLung by reading these books!

Posted by Carolyn Morse

Feb 14, 2011 8:45:00 AM

Get more from PowerLung by reading these books!Did you know that PowerLung recommendations and training programs have been part of books almost since it was introduced? PowerLung is pleased to be included in these publications but what makes us proud is that these authors are providing independent recommendations of our product. Each of them purchased the product, used it, and then documented their use and recommendations.

As a matter of fact PowerLung usually finds out about these recommendations after the author requests to use the Trademark or product image. Sometimes we don’t know until someone who says they bought PowerLung because they read about it!

Continue reading for examples of authors who have used PowerLung and shared their recommendations in their books.

The 4-Hour Body

The 4-Hour BodyPowerLung received a nice mention and recommendation in Tim Ferriss’ new #1 New York Times best-selling book, The 4-Hour Body. Check out the chapter entitled “How To Hold Your Breath Longer Than Houdini”. Here Tim recommends PowerLung as a device to improve breathing endurance, to train around injuries, and more. This particular chapter may also be of interest to those of you interested in free diving. Tim Ferriss also says it’s good for travel, and popular among swimmers, mountain climbers, long distance runners, singers, and asthmatics.

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Flip The Switch

Flip the SwitchDr. Robert Cooper in Flip The Switch was one of the first to describe how PowerLung can be used to improve your results in weight and fat loss. People still contact us to tell us they learned about PowerLung after reading Dr. Cooper’s book.

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Herr Mees

One of the first to recommend PowerLung in his publication was Professor Klaus Mees a physician, professor and mountain climber. Herr Mees includes PowerLung in his training program, including training for his ascents on Mt. Everest. He documented how he used and recommends PowerLung be used for training in his book which is available in German only.

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Climbing: Training for Peak Performance

Climbing: Training for Peak PerformanceMore recently, Clyde Soles, a noted photographer and author recommended PowerLung in Climbing: Training for Peak Performance a book some consider to be one of the best books for altitude training. This book is part of the Mountaineering Outdoor Expert Series but some suggest even the casual hiker would have a more enjoyable trip if they followed the training guidelines.

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Breathing for Performance

Breathing for PerformanceBreathing for Performance – A Guide for Wind and Voice Musicians by Mark Boren is a complete how-to book on implementing PowerLung for the wind, brass, or vocal musician. As a trumpet player and asthmatic Mark was always seeking “more air”. He spent almost 2 days at a conference asking questions and observing PowerLung before he purchased one and then began providing input to PowerLung on specific ways musicians could use the products. We finally said, why not just write it down and he did.

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Stem Cell Pioneers

Not everyone who writes about how they used PowerLung is involved in activities. In fact, in Stem Cell Pioneers the authors talk about the fact that wanting to be more active and less breathless is exactly why they use PowerLung. This is a personal story of 3 people diagnosed with COPD and their experiences in dealing with it with new treatment methods. Not only have they documented their path, they have formed a group, with support from medical professionals, to provide information to others.

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Another advantage to you is that you get information from these authors on ways to use PowerLung specific to your area of interest and from people who have actually used it for the same purpose.

Whether you are working on New Year’s Resolutions for health and fitness, getting ready for the spring skiing or diving trip, or your next ascent, get your PowerLung now and use it while you are reading up on how to get more out of it with the recommendations from these authors. PowerLung products and all of the publications are available on, online and in specialty stores.

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