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2014 Biohackers Conference Lightning Talk: Increase Stamina and Lung Capacity with Powerlung

Posted by Carolyn Morse

Jan 14, 2015 10:30:00 AM



Breathing is a very underrated subject when it comes to health, wellness, longevity, and performance, and it can be hacked and upgraded to help improve many areas of your life. Whether you are training for athletic performance, want to improve your deep breathing exercises for meditation and yoga, need bigger lung capacity as a singer/musician, or simply want to combat decreased lung capacity due to aging, the Powerlung Respiratory & Lung Strength trainer can help by strengthening the muscles involved with breathing. By training the muscles involved with breathing, you can become more efficient at getting more air and oxygen per breath, and substantially increase endurance. There is ample research behind the benefits of the respiratory training, and it is a low-cost biohack that can provide big results with little effort.


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