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How to Condition Your Lungs for a Better Diving Experience

Posted by Carolyn Morse

Apr 22, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Scuba diving opens your eyes to a whole new world and is an immensely rewarding adventure. However, for the novice diver a lack of experience and scuba technique can prevent you from fully enjoying the dive. Some of the most common problems faced include not adapting well to the changes in pressure, confusion in water or even weak swimming skills. Nevertheless, far and by the most important factor that can influence a novice diver’s experience is breath control while diving. Rapid or shallow breathing will reduce the amount of time you get to enjoy your dive because you reach the maximum amount of time per tank more quickly. There are various factors that influence the divers breathing, notably nerves, technique and respiratory health. Nerves will calm with experience whilst technique and respiratory strength can be improved through training. To condition your lungs for a better diving experience you should consider breathing exercises and respiratory muscle training devices.

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